Official package

pdf2image has a pip package with a matching name.

pip install pdf2image

From source

If you want to add a new language The easiest way to use the tool is by cloning the official repo.

git clone

Then install the package with python3 install

Installing poppler

Poppler is the underlying project that does the magic in pdf2image. You can check if you already have it installed by calling pdftoppm -h in your terminal/cmd.


sudo apt-get install poppler-utils


sudo pacman -S poppler


brew install poppler


  1. Download the latest poppler package from @oschwartz10612 version which is the most up-to-date.

  2. Move the extracted directory to the desired place on your system

  3. Add the bin/ directory to your PATH

  4. Test that all went well by opening cmd and making sure that you can call pdftoppm -h